Lampein Laboratories®, Inc.
1523 Corrington Avenue
Kansas City, MO 64126 USA

Phone: 816.920.5008
Fax: 816.920.5036

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About Lampein

Lampein Laboratories® is an Engineering Design and Manufacturing company that provides innovative LED-based product solutions. Located exclusively in the heartland of the United States, Lampein strives to design with American made components as available. Lampein brands include residential, commercial and architectural lighting, automation controls, testing certification, digital signage, and research and development for tomorrow’s LED-based products. Lampein Laboratories, through it’s contract manufacturing division, have been designing, engineering, and manufacturing LED products for over 14 years with over 25,000 linear feet of led strips replacing fluorescent bulbs, and 200,000+ waterproof LED modules with over 5 years of use in the field. The commercial market is adapting LED technology more now than ever before, hence the necessity to launch full lines of LED Lighting for a variety of consumer applications.

Lampein News

  • Laboratory Case Study

    Lampein LL Series® LED Light Engine: Before & After | Enlarge “Certified Energy Labs tested Lampein’s new LED array.  We replaced the T8 lights that we were using in the inspections lab to see if there was a difference in energy savings and light output.  After approximately 30 days of testing, we were seeing considerably more light […]

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  • Lampein Laboratories LED System Takes The King of Green One Step Further

    Magic Touch is a leading commercial cleaning company based in Lee’s Summit, Missouri that is on the front lines of green cleaning. They are the only company of its kind in the Midwest. Magic Touch performs all cleaning with green processes, using products that are eco-friendly and safe for its associates as well as those […]

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    New Release in October

    This October Lampein Laboratories will release the LL-175 LED Retrofit for Parking Garages. Do you have a metal halide fixture like this or one with a metal halide bulb? Bring your 250 watts of energy down to 51 watts and a full 5 year warranty. This item is also available as a full fixture. Contact […]

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